How to STOP Prematurely
falling for the WRONG GUYS
& date smart to meet the...

Right Man For You!

Feeling frustrated with low-effort men?
Feeling anxious about ending up alone indefinitely?
Dreading going solo to holiday parties?
Gone on a couple of dates with a guy you like… only for him to slowly stop responding to you?
Questioning if men even want a committed relationship in these swipe happy times?

Girl, you are not alone!

I shared a video all about “Prematurely falling for the wrong guys?” and it got 39,105 VIEWS and 117 comments.

Falling for the WRONG GUYS is a SUPER common obstacle, that is actually REALLY easy to solve!

When you know exactly how to solve it.
That is where I come in ;)
If you are new to my work, my name is Rebecca Boatman and I am your dating bestie! I help single good-hearted women attract a loving, protecting, safe relationship.
I got into helping women with dating & relationships because prior to having the tools that I now hold….

My dating & relationship life was a mess.

• I prematurely fell for the wrong guys.
• I settled.
• I dated down to stay “safe.”
• I firmly believed that all men cheated.
• I felt alone in every relationship.

Fast forward, to $40,000+ spend on personal development & relationship help…..
I now have a treasure box of tools to help anyone, from settling in crunchy relationships and dating down to being courted by high quality men!

I have something out of that treasure box to share with you.

A step-by-step Top Dating Guide on How to Date Smart & Stop Falling Prematurely for the Wrong Guys!

This guide includes calculated questions and practical steps to ensure you stop dating down, say “no” to the men who aren’t a match & call in men who are you genuinely excited about so your wildly successful romance can begin! 😍✨🌙

Module 1: Online Profile Template
Module 2: How to Text Him
Module 3: Messaging Templates
Module 4: Questions for Dates
Module 5: Phrases on Dates
Module 6: Moving from courting to commitment

A $777 VALUE for only $111!

A $777 VALUE for only $111!

Grab access now, so you can start attracting the right man for you. :)

30-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!

See what it is like to work with Rebecca

A $777 VALUE for only $111!

A $777 VALUE for only $111!

30-Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee!

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